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Pelago Airisto Outback

Pelago Airisto Outback

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All-Rounder Ready To Roll

Ride to, from and through the city in a comfortable upright position. Geared up to manage hills, slopes and twists’n’turns. Elegant Finnish design that comes with contemporary components. A limited batch with Shimano CUES 1x10 gearing.


All set to trek anytime
Are your sights set further than the dense cityscape? With Pelago Airisto Outback, you’re ready to for adventuring out of town as well as ruling the city streets. This is the trekking version of our multipurpose bicycle with a step-through frame.

Giving you a good position for your treks, the Pelago Outback handlebar settles you into an active feel. The active riding position is perfect when manoeuvring those tricky forest paths.

Additional help when riding out of town is guaranteed by grippy tyres and hydraulic disc brakes. The perfect formula for smooth handling, fast acceleration and secure stops in any weather and terrain. And when you set your sights for a microadventure off the most driven paths, it’s good to be prepared for wet splashes with full aluminum fenders. If you come across some hills, you’ll have the gears for even steeper ones with the wide and simple-to-use 1×10 gearing. Easy does it up the hill and zoom along with speed on flats.

Versatile, active outing pleasure
The geometry and selection of components creates a solid, all-round ride for fluctuating landscapes and conditions.

In comparison to the Airisto Commuter and Airisto Street, the Airisto Outback comes with the Pelago Outback saddle and gravel tyres as well as the wider gear range and no pre-installed lights.

The Pelago Airisto Outback comes with a polished finishing kit and with a new dynamo light option. As every Pelago bicycle, it’s equipped with mounting points for front and rear racks to extend the cargo capability.


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