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Pelago Hanko Commuter

Pelago Hanko Commuter

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Premium Everyday City-riding

The ultimate bicycle for your commutes, this piece of sophisticated design offers all you need for both city streets and heading out of the dense urban hubbub.


City-cycling at its smoothest
Get down the street, up the street and even outta town. Made for riding in the city and commuting primarily, Pelago Hanko Commuter offers versatility for even a mildly rural trek. This is a sophisticated, premium bicycle fitted to be the ultimate in commuting. Just right for you who wants to skip the car and public transport to get where you’re going.

With the Hanko Commuter, our utmost goal is a smooth user experience. To make sure that happens there’s the 8-speed Alfine hub and reliable hydraulic disc brakes ready for abrupt moments in the midst of jamming rush-hour vehicles.

The city-friendly Commuter handlebar offers a comfortable upright riding position. The overall smoothness paves the way for confident, sophisticated and solid rides.

My own personal transportation.
The Pelago Hanko Commuter is based on a versatile double-butted CrMo steel frame. It offers three different builds to cover a wide range of cycling preferences. With Shutter Precision hub dynamo, B&M lights and the Brooks B17 leather saddle this one’s at the top of the category of classic urban bicycles.

The features – internal hub gears, dynamo lights and Brooks B17 saddle – and the upright riding position is how the Hanko Commuter differs from the Hanko Street and Hanko Outback.

Like every Pelago bicycle, Hanko Commuter is equipped with mounting points for front and rear racks to extend its cargo capability.

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