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PWR Lantern

PWR Lantern

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PWR Lantern is perfect whenever and wherever you require warm ambient light. Whether that's camping for a week or barbecuing in the garden, PWR Lantern will provide all the light you’ll need with its bright 360 degree glow.

Available with or without the battery (PWR Bank - Small) that powers your lantern.

No Ordinary Lantern

Lanterns are often bulky, fragile and simply impractical for outdoor adventures. Introducing PWR Lantern, that is everything but.

  • Super lightweight at just¬†283 gram (with battery)
  • Fits in the palm of your hand when packed down
  • Bright, but warm ambient light
  • Battery can be used separately as a power bank
  • Battery can power other products in the PWR Modular System
  • Extremely tough and durable construction
  • Lanyard included for hanging or secured carrying

Light Modes

PWR Lantern comes with 5 modes as standard; Max, Mid, Low, Stamina & SOS.

Changing light modes is easy, with a simple twist of the lantern head while holding the base firm.

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