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PWR Solar Panel 10W

PWR Solar Panel 10W

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PWR Solar 10W allows you to explore the great outdoors with an endless supply of clean renewable energy. You can charge all USB-A connected devices directly or charge an external power bank to store energy for later use (PWR Solar does not have an internal battery).

No Ordinary Power Source

With its compact, lightweight, and sturdy design the PWR Solar 10W is the perfect choice for rugged outdoor exploration, whether it be on bike or foot.

  • Charge devices & power banks directly via USB-A output
  • Sunpower Maxeon GEN 5 solar panels (feature monocrystaline cells)
  • Outputs a regulated 5V
  • Lightweight at just¬†450 grams
  • Extremely compact & durable
  • Handy D-Ring attachment point
  • Water resistant when USB cover sealed (IP65)
  • EFTE coating for unparalleled protection against the elements
  • Snap magnet closure
  • Unites the PWR Modular System range
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